Captain Blooze revealed his sack


Id slid the table - clare kneeling before a leap out the window on account the bar was emptying fast. Under the table

i - understood 


 now introducing The Card beneath suffering tennants employing realm including the ram if necassery the cards reversed as you see circeling round  in absolution of the court everythings yielding to this fellow what will be present in the next card which plays whats in front of you my study

 the lay so far [ drawn - [ king of pentangles ] crossed [ 5 wands ]above now.. 3 of cups. reversed to beneath the warrior known clearly here  [ the emperor reversed as was the 3 of

 watch dispatches catch her at it there's more news., watch deliveries a hugh bill and ... forward, next week


Bikey Road. 10:30 Admiral... leapout 


the ship went by night after night

Arriving late


gods head

i pulled over pipe - hello helm any receivers...

an old correction